Limited edition work and Artist’s Proofs.

Gold Wash at The White House – With Picasso’s Guernica and Covid 19 – 2020

PLAYING WITH PICASSO, or ‘an old guitarist gives it all the finger’. Hydro Resin, acrylic and flower on canvas. 2021
‘C19- Just another ordinary plague year’, after the 1492 edition of Bocaccio’s Decameron. Hydro resin, acrylic, grass and clover on canvas. 2021
Because Otzi was killed with a copper arrow head and was probably involved with copper smelting. 2921
‘Giving Van Gogh another bloody ear’, hydro resin, coin, flower, bandage and acrylic on canvas. 2021
‘MESSING WITH MATISSE’, Hydro resin cut out and acrylic on canvas 2021
‘SPAGHETTI WITH GIACOMETTI’ hydro resin and acrylic on canvas 2021
‘Goulash with Goya’, hydro resin acrylic and peppercorns on canvas 2021
‘Bounce’ or kicking up that chalk dust. Hydro resin, acrylic and grass on canvas. 2021
DUNE‘ – Hydro resin and acrylic on canvas board 2021
MELON‘, Hydro resin and acrylic on canvas board 2021

MODERN ART’S PARADOX – We’re not selling sausages here! After a chance remark of a Pietrasanta gallerist when I commented on high prices.
Hansel and Gretal. Painted Fairy Tale. Acrylic on canvas 2021