David Clement Davies is a sculptor and highly praised Fantasy novelist who has won awards and been translated into several languages, from German and Italian to Russian and Japanese.  He was nominated for the Tir Na Nog prize for his children’s novel The Telling Pool. He has always loved sculpting too  and moved to Pietra Santa in Italy in 2017 to pursue a parallel dream.

David’s sculpture is eclectic, with a love of both the figurative and semi-abstract, and much inspired by nature, animals and telling stories, the themes of all his novels.  He was first inspired to sculpt again, a life-time hobby, when he caste a hummingbird in bronze in Cape Town in 2017, and he hasn’t stopped since!  Be inspired too, and just do it! He is currently working on a series of hummingbirds, other figurative work and a collection based on fairy tales and story telling, starting with a new adult interpretation.  For displayed work, specific commissions, editions, multiples and new work, please contact him directly at dclementdavies@aol.com.