How do you write in words about sculpture and what it is?  You don’t, you simply try to express the often mis-translated relationship between the two. I am, or was, a writer first, yet if words can also go as deep as solid form, stories and language too try to gain a hold on the living, dying, ephemeral yet eternal ‘reality’ and meaning of the world. Actually, for me, sculpting uses much brain power, but it is first a rather humble act and joy, and so, in terms of sculpture, I think things should be made and left behind that bring life, inspiration, ideas,  wit, challenge and originality to the world, and perhaps above all pleasure and connection to the artist and those who see the work.

By phoenixark

Author and MD of a new writer's orientated publisher, Phoenix Ark Press. Storyteller, artist, sculptor and writer, fighting back.

One reply on “WHAT IS THERE TO SAY?”

Well said, and I am sure you will express your deep feelings also in sculpture. Maybe through your novels’ characters too. Good luck, DCD


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